Tabs and Guitar Pro

Most guitar players always on search for great new songs to play. If found, nowadays with the help of Google and Youtube it's very easy to make the first steps to learn a song. If available as Midi file and you have a good software, everything you need is at hand: guitar part and accompaniment  

A very comman software and my favorite is Guitar Pro and for my point of view the best choice in this area. The tab files used by Guitar Pro (.gp3, .gp4, .gp5 und .gpx) becomming more and more standard for guitar tabs.
A more detailed review is planned for the future...

Guitar Pro splash screen 

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Guitar Songbook

Our guitar songbook will contain some of our favorite songs in the future. Most made for one or two guitars and with vocals.
We are at startup, lets see how we manage this section later...

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Apochee Jam vs iRig HD

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Ich hatte aktuell die Gelegenheit, den Apochee Jam im direkten Vergleich mit dem brandneuen iRig HD zu testen.

Apochee Jam iRig-HD

Da ich im Netz noch keinen passenden Vergleich gefunden habe, hier anbei mein Ergebnis.