iPiano Chords HD

iPiano Chords HD

Within one year of development we are proud to release iPiano Chord HD, the big brother of our iPhone version. Lots of new features will bring this APP into a goodstart position on the Appstore. You'll find two new chord selection modes, reverse chord finder, a scale library, a note system view and the new chord painter...


iPianoChords HD has the same Chord Library engine with over 2300 chords. You could select the chord with the direct selection by using buttons or the new enhanced filter mode.

The Reverse Cord Finder could help you finding the chordnames for given Piano keys. Also chord inversion are added to the search process, which will offer a very good serach result.

We added a new Scale Library with 46 Scales in all 12 root notes.

Often requested in the iPhone version, there is now a Note System Display available. You could select the key of the note system and also the display position.

For all musician are not very familiar with notes, we have added the ChordPainter. Simply tab your chord notes with red keys, additional solo notes with yellow keys and the left hand chord with blue circle markers. Add a name for your chord image and the chord snapshot function will copy this image to the photo library.