DoKo Manager Pro

To make it more visible, we decided to display the manual as image gallery with descriptions. You'll find some overview images and lots of ather pictures with a short description for any part of iPianoChords.

Have fun...

Doko Manager Pro

Full version with player images, data export, statistics, management of game days, plusgame rules

Player Details

Details of player statistic data over all games

Gameday Statistics

Gameday statistics with location, date and data over all games

Gameday Details

Details of gameday statistic data over all games


Game settings and language switch. Also data export could be found here

Manual & Rules

The in-App manual and the game rules


Informations to the App, programmer and a possibility to rate the app

Main screen

Main screen with most important data to be used most of the game day

Select Player

Select four player profiles to play this gameday

Player Manager

Player manager with options to select images, add names and manage your profiles

Start Game

Start a game by selecting game type and announcements

Stop Game

Stop the game and enter the result plus winning team. Points calculated automatically

Game Overview

The game overview. See where you are and where you need to go

Player Profile

Details of the player profile holding all statistic data

Player Statistics

Player statistic view with sorting and filter options to find the champion


For anybody who like a laid back overview, please watch our Youtube video introduction where every function is displayed and explained. Adobe Flash Player is required to view this video...