DoKo Manager Pro

Our DoKo-Manager was designed to manage your Doppelkopf game days. Doppelkopf is very close to Sheephead and maybe you could use it also for this game.

The idea was born like often on one of our game day evenings. As I'm a professional programmer, it comes down to me to do the coding. It takes lots of evenings and discussions and total 9 month of coding.

Doko Manager Pro

The full version covers everything we thought is worth to add to our APP. Here you have real player images, which could also imported from camera or image gallery. Also data could be exported to Excel or similar software. We have added lots of statistics with graphic export, management of your game days and the game rules.


  • All DDV rules are supported
  • Special rules are also integrated
  • Integrated player manager with unlimited players
  • Statistic data is stored for all done games
  • Avatar images could be assigned to players
  • Use real images as player icon
  • Own image gallery to manage the player images
  • Images could be imported by camera or iPhone gallery
  • All games of a game day are stored for statistics
  • Gamestart with all announcements and denials
  • Gamestop with all required variations
  • Automatic point calculations
  • Game statistics with graphic representation
  • Cash account for players and gamedays
  • Full management of game days
  • Game location, date and players are stored
  • Special views for game day statistics
  • own views for player statistics
  • Statistic data is stored over all played games
  • detail views available for player and game day data
  • Create test data files for quick usage startup
  • special Admin mode available for data files
  • Export all data files via email
  • The complete image gallery could be exported also per mail
  • Complete DDV Ruleset integrated
  • User manual also as in-App pages
  • Language could be switched English/German
  • Sprache umschaltbat Englisch/Deutsch
  • Also for IOS 3.0 on iPod Touch und iPhone
  • Display lock could be switched off temporary

Doko Manager Pro

On the next pages you'll find our Doko Manager Pro Image Gallery and one Youtube Video for introduction...