Doko Manager

For private players and even club players based on the DDV rule set. The standard version is for none regular game events,
as it doesn't provide you with statistic data and could only work with one current game day...



  • All DDV rules are supported
  • Special rules are also integrated
  • Gamestart with all announcements and denials
  • Gamestop with all required variations
  • Automatic point calculations
  • Game statistics with graphic representation
  • Cash account for players and gamedays
  • Avatar images could be assigned to players
  • Complete DDV Ruleset integrated
  • User manual also as in-App pages
  • Language could be switched English/German
  • Also for IOS 3.0 on iPod Touch und iPhone
  • Display lock could be switched off temporary

Doko Manager Pro

Please find our Doko Manager Image Gallery and one introductional Youtube Video...